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How to use the battle rope training better?

Battle rope training has high requirements for explosive endurance and speed endurance. According to personal habits and different muscle parts of the exercise, there can be two ways of method to grip the battle rope: forehand grip and reverse grip.


About the training Throw the battle rope  slam the battle rope: When holding the battle rope, do not directly pull the rope back, otherwise the rope will leave the ground and you will not feel the weight of the rope. Put your arms at 90° at your waist. At this time, only the first few feet of this rope are off the ground, and the rest are on the ground, so that you can add weight and bring you appropriate challenges.

Use different stances to complete this exercise: you can use a wide distance and swing your arms up and down on the inside of your legs; you can also take a narrow distance and swing your arms up and down on the outside of your legs; you can also stagger your feet and use a lunge posture. After doing a few sets, use a lunge to change the front leg. Every time you can throw the rope after  finish a lunge jump. You can move sideways while throwing the rope, or can walk forward or backward. Try all these exercises and mix them together to determine which exercise is most effective for you.
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Alternate Strike on the Fitness Rope

The alternate slam action looks like drumming. These battle ropes do not swing as high as the arms move, and the alternating waves are smaller and shorter than the arm movements. This exercise is very challenging for the arms and shoulders.

Rope Rotation

The practice of rope rotation is based on the hip swing of the wrestler in a hip throw. It is very suitable for strengthening strength through the hips and torso, and it is also very good for the development of sports quality.

This exercise requires the athlete to rotate the ankle, hip, and torso in turn. If they have flat feet or stiff movements like robots, then coordination and movement capabilities need to be improved. Rotate your body and throw the rope up and into the distance, as if you want to move the rope to avoid an obstacle.
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Battle rope circle

This is an excellent exercise that can keep your shoulders healthy and at the same time strengthen your shoulders' endurance. After standing, walk forward or backward while drawing a big circle with the battle rope.
1.8Dynamic battle rope training

Battle rope opening and closing jump: raising the arm above your head increases the strength of the opening and closing jump. Make sure that the two hands hold the rope touching at the highest point. The rope should be in a straight line with your torso. Move forward a little bit so that the rope is more slack and easier to rise above your head.

Note: As mentioned before, when using the Battle rope, we can also do lateral movements, lunges, reverse lunges, flat supines, single-arm push-ups, etc. we encourage everyone to try various variants and to verify which training works best. You can try various training methods on yourself and other people. Only in this way can you truly understand which training is effective and which training is ineffective.

Post time: Nov-02-2021