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How to choose a surfboard for beginners

A surfboard is essential equipment for surfing, and a good surfboard is an integral part of becoming a master on the water. But surfboards have different classifications and different materials. So, how to choose a surfboard for surfing? Which different surfboards are suitable for surfers at different stages?

How to choose a surfboard for beginners(1)

Generally speaking, the longer and thicker the board, the easier it is to use, but the more difficult it is to make beautiful movements. The Bairuiying liar said that everyone needs different boards, and it has an absolute relationship with your personal height and weight. Therefore, how to choose a board is also one of the necessary courses for learning surfing. The common surfboards are as follows:

1、Longboard: The length is between 8 feet 6 and 11 feet, with high buoyancy and slow speed, and can be played even in small waves. Suitable for beginners. In addition, because the longboard has a large area, it can be pushed by small waves .

2、Medium board: The length is between 6 feet 8 and 8 feet 6. It has the characteristics of a short board and a long board, and can be used by beginners and technical players.

3、Short board, small board: The length is between 5 feet 9 and 6 feet 8. The buoyancy is small. It needs enough thrust and good shape waves to play happily. It is a technical board with flexible steering and can do fancy moves. But the short board requires more physical strength than the long board, because short board paddling is the most difficult level. If you don’t have time to practice hard, you’d better give up, otherwise you can only soak in the water when others are surfing.

4、Paddle board: The length is generally more than 11 feet. It can be used for surfing or gliding in still water. It is suitable for going out at home. Most of the paddle boards are inflatable, but some are hard paddle boards. Inflatable paddle boards are definitely more convenient. For long-distance travel, inflatable paddle boards are the first choice. Fold them into your backpack and go away, but just from the experience Generally speaking, hard board paddle boards have better stability and faster paddling speed. It is definitely not very convenient to carry, and they are usually tied to the roof rack of SUVs.

Surfboards of different sizes, materials, and shapes will have different surfing experiences. A surfboard that suits you can maximize your surfing enthusiasm and keep improving. We do not recommend that novices try advanced boards such as short boards, which may dampen the enthusiasm for continuous surfing.

Post time: Feb-18-2023