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Spring is here, let’s go picnic together!

The cold winter is over, take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, now go outdoors and enjoy a wonderful picnic life! Before you go, you need to know the following five outdoor picnic precautions:

Item 1: Selection of shoes and clothing
Outdoor wear pays attention to waterproof, windproof, warm and breathable, and the wear resistance of the clothes is also relatively high. Jackets and quick-drying pants are the most suitable outfits.

Item 2: Equipment selection

First look at this list of picnic equipment: outdoor camping tents , canopies , picnic mats, ice packs, picnic baskets, picnic clips, pot sets, stoves , barbecue tables, folding tables , camping chairs , etc. It is recommended that if you only bask in the sun outdoors, it is best to bring a outdoor camping tents and a camping chair for snacks. First, it can prevent ultraviolet sunburn, and second, it can avoid feeling uncomfortable when sitting on the ground for a long time.
Spring is here, let's go picnic together(1)
Spring is here, let's go picnic together(2)

Item Three: Site Selection
In the case of limited transportation facilities, the picnic location can be chosen in a park in the suburbs. In a place with open terrain and dense plants, choose a flat and clean lawn to enjoy leisure time leisurely.

Item Four: Food
Special Note: Because the time for picnic meals is relatively long, the demand for food is slightly more than usual.
Try to choose foods that are easy to keep fresh, such as onions, asparagus, and celery . When making a salad, no matter what vegetables you choose, try to bring the dressing to the scene and then add the vegetables, which can greatly improve the appearance of the dishes.
Semi-processed food in advance, such as marinating meat in advance, washing and cutting vegetables and fruits in advance, and heating them directly at the picnic site, which is hygienic and saves time, and you can enjoy nature to the fullest in the rest of the time.

Item 5: Others
You should know that a picnic is an outdoor leisure activity. What it brings is not only a simple meal in a natural environment, but also an opportunity to exchange feelings with family and friends.
Finally, and most importantly, don’t throw away food scraps and garbage at will during the picnic, bring your own garbage bags, and don’t leave a piece of garbage. Love picnics and love the environment!

Post time: Mar-24-2023