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Outdoor sports for kids and parents

The weather is getting colder and colder, and it is more necessary to seize the warm afternoon to exercise with the children. Next, I will recommend a few simple and interesting outdoor sports for you.

Family Jump Rope Competition

You can take your children to a rope skipping competition, a group of children, a group of fathers or mothers, you must make good rules before playing, and those who lose will be punished, and you are not allowed to play tricks. Rope skipping can exercise children’s flexibility and endurance. It requires coordination of hands and feet, quick eyes and quick hands, and high-speed brain operation. It is very challenging. Parents can try it with their children. It is a good outdoor exercise.

cornhole game

We can play sandbag throwing with the help of props as a family. Throw sandbags into the net bag in turn, and the victory is won by throwing sandbags into the net bag. This tests the child’s flexibility and accuracy, and is also very challenging.

Outdoor sports for kids and parents(1)

play table tennis

If you don’t have a table tennis table at home, you can use this simple table tennis set, so that we can play table tennis at home. It can be like skipping rope, a group of children, a group of parents and mothers compete, the group with the highest score wins, and the loser needs to be punished.

Outdoor sports for kids and parents

The process of playing games is also the process of children’s learning. It not only requires children to use their brains, but also tests their ability to respond. Compared with parent-child games, I think most children prefer their parents to play games with them, which is far better than parents buying toys for their children. Playing games with children, the biggest winners are parents, which not only enhances the relationship between children and themselves, but also liberates themselves from intense work and relaxes their bodies and minds.

Post time: Dec-12-2022