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Precautions for surfing

Surfing originated in Australia. Because Australia is surrounded by the sea, the climate is warm, with more sunshine and less rain, which is conducive to the development of water sports, so Australians especially love surfing.

Stepping on a surfboard (length 12.6, width 32, thickness 6 inches) can gallop on the waves, which is similar to the physical principle of a small ball moving on an incline. Since the speed is relatively fast when rushing down from the top of the wave, it can still maintain a certain speed when rushing into the valley, and then use the inertia to rush to the second wave. Performing this sport requires athletes to be bold, calm, calm, steady, have excellent physical strength and balance ability, and strive to stay on the top of the wave for a while, in order to maintain a certain speed, so that they can fly in the valley of the wave. Surf tight.

Precautions for surfing(1)

Tips for Beginners Surfing

1、When carrying a surfboard, pay attention to where you turn.

2、When walking towards the beach, the angle of the surfboard should be in a straight line. Never put the surfboard in front of the body to prevent the surf from hitting the surfboard and hitting your body.

3、Put it on the ground with care. When the wind is strong, cover the surfboard with sand or tie a safety foot rope. Your body should stand at the front edge of the downwind direction to avoid being injured by your own surfboard.

4、When the surfboard rushes back to the shore from the open sea, when the water depth is about 30 cm, get off the board immediately to avoid the surfboard directly hitting the stone.

5、When the surfboard collides with the waves, the safety foot rope and surfboard cannot be pulled by hand.

6、If you see jellyfish or are bitten by jellyfish, you must go ashore as soon as possible.

7、The wave shape of surfing is the best when the wave collapses in the middle and pushes towards the slopes on both sides. The most dangerous wave is a row of waves that surge and collapse instantly. If you encounter such waves, it is best to go ashore to rest.

8、Never lose the safety foot rope and choose to swim back. It is best to rest on the surfboard and wait for rescue.

Very cool way to lose weight

Surfers can generally use long and narrow horsepower boards, or shorter webs, and even surf with arms raised over the body without a board.

Because surfing must carry the surfboard to advance against the wave first, reach the steeper wave crest, and when a wave approaches, push the water hard on the surfboard and swim quickly towards the shore, so this special exercise method is not only full of The ecstasy, and the body can also feel the excitement of extreme sports. Therefore, when people come to the beach and see surfers undulating with the waves in the vast sea, they will sincerely sigh that surfing is indeed an excellent way to combine strength and beauty, health care and weight loss.



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